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Road Trip

Hi guys! Lucy here. Guess what! I finally took my awesome road trip. I think I mentioned once that I wanted to drive down Route 66. Well guess what! I did it! I have to tell you, my rabbits and me were so excited about this trip. We started out on a Saturday and came back two weeks later. We began our journey in Santa Monica, California. I have never seen such cool stuff in my entire life. There was literally everything from amazing museums to a blue whale! And I went with my good friend from Honolulu, Steve Davison.

In California the bunnies and I stayed visited a real ghost town called Amboy. It was cool because movies have been made there. We also stopped to look at the Figueroa Street Tunnels. They are so beautiful. I love the architecture on them. It was sad that someone had put graffiti on them, but still to imagine that these were the very first four lane tunnels is very cool. We saw the Rose Bowl Stadium and the Dodger Stadium. We also visited Santa Monica pier, which of course the bunnies and me loved. The sunset was beautiful there.

Driving through Arizona was great. The sky seems to always be so perfect there. We saw Bearizona. Don’t worry. I was very careful with the rabbits here. The little bears were so cute. I kind of want to adopt a bear now. We did the Wild Ride Tour Bus which was fun because we saw so many great animals. I didn’t get to see the Bird’s of Prey show, but I bet it would have been awesome if I did. We also visited the Meteor Crater. Is it sad that I was hoping that an alien would come out while I was there? Maybe it is, but one didn’t come out. The place was super cool though, anyone who says the place is terrible, they are lying.

In New Mexico our trip got really exciting. We visited the Dinosaur museum in Tucumcari. This place is so cool. I wish we had dinosaurs today! While in Tucumcari we saw Tee Pee Curious. It’s a very cool place, it’s not often you see a tee pee attached to a building. In Santa Rosa we stopped at the blue hole. Wow, it’s so nice. I loved swimming in the blue hole. In Albuquerque we went to the American International Rattlesnake Museum. This place was so awesome. I love snakes, but the rabbits do not like snake. I’m sure you know why.

In Texas we saw a lot of really cool stores. I bought a pair of bunny ears at a very random gas station that I stopped at for gas. We stopped in Groom to see the Big Cross. Big isn’t even the word for this cross, this cross is huge. The statues around it are very well done. My rabbits felt at peace here and I felt very calm as well. In Conway we went to the Bug Ranch. It seemed silly to have those Volkswagen Beetles burned in the ground, but whatever make a good attraction I guess. In Amarillo we visited Cadillac Ranch. You know, opposed to bug ranch I could see how Cadillac Ranch is definitely art. The rabbits really liked it here as well. I spray painted our names on the hood on one of the Cadillac, so if you stop by there, see if it’s still there! We visited another ghost town in Texas called Glenrio. It wasn’t nearly as cool as Amboy, but it is still to see urban decay and a town with no people.

In Oklahoma I could no believe how many attractions they have on Route 66. I literally could have stopped in every town and found something awesome. In Commerce we went to see Mickey Mantle’s boyhood home and a statue dedicated to him. I sent pictures to my dad. I’m sure he really appreciated that. In Foyil we saw the world’s largest totem pole. That thing was really tall. The rabbits really liked it too. I bought some nuts in Claremore at the Nut House. I also got some fudge, but don’t tell anyone. I don’t want to hear how it went straight to my hips. In Catoosa we saw a blue whale that has been built over water and you can walk inside of it. In Arcadia we had some really weird soda at a place called Pops that has tons of different types of pop. We also saw a round barn here. Apparently according to the locals this barn is really old and withstands tornadoes because of it’s roundness. In Oklahoma we had to turn around and start to head home because we needed to make it back in time for me to go to work.

Our first night we spent in a hotel on the trip home was quite an experience. We stayed in a town called Yukon, right beside Oklahoma City. The people there were so friendly. I ate at a cute place called Fat ElvU.S. The food was super greasy and really good. I know, I know, straight to the hips, but the guy in the place actually looked like Elvis. Ha! It was very funny. I really loved this town. They actually have an old mill there and they have a Czech Festival the first Saturday in October. I think I might want to visit again so I can go to that festival. I know that my bunnies would love that. For breakfast we ate at the Miller Grill in Yukon. Let me tell you. I have never heard of an Indian Taco, but holy cow, everyone needs to try one of these things. Anyway, that basically concluded our trip. I was sad to go home, but it was definitely fun. I was able to see so many amazing things that I never imagined to see. I met amazing people who I hope to connect to in the future. They are so different from the people I am used to. I hope to one day travel the entire length of Route 66, one day I will. I know it!


Hi guys!!

Lucy here.

Today on my lunch break I was walking around town and admiring all of it’s beauty. I figured that a lot of people visit Los Angeles or San Franciso, we don’t really get too many tourists around here. So I figured that I would wrote a blog about all the neat things in Encinitas and around it. I think I mentioned that Encinitas is divided into five areas. We have Old Encinitas which is a beautiful and is on the ocean side. My favorite place in Old Encinitas is the La Paloma Theatre. I think everyone should visit there who loves a unique atmosphere and cool Indie films. You just don’t see old school theaters like this anymore.

Then there is New Encinitas. If you like golfing you will like it here. I find it to be too new, but there is a lot of shopping here. Olivenhain is another area. There isn’t a lot there, mostly just homes, but I have taken my rabbits to the 4-H club to teach the kids about raising rabbits. A lot of the kids make jokes about them being furry rats, but it didn’t hurt my feelings. I know the kids really did love my rabbits. Then there is the area I work in, Leucadia. I love it here.

Leucadia faces the ocean and I love taking my rabbits to the beautiful bluffs overlooking the water. It’s definitely one of the most peaceful places in the world. Leucadia also is really artsy and has fun stores that you wouldn’t find in other areas. I love that. The last area is Cardiff-by-theSea. If you’ve never seen huge waves, you will see them here. There are lots of surfers who come to this area. It’s really cool to watch them surf.

On the weekends I love to take my rabbits to the Self Realization Fellowship Hermitage and Meditation Gardens. The whole area is so beautiful. I just sit there and feed my rabbits. Sometimes I close my eyes and it just feels magical. I love having my rabbits out in the nature and they seem more peaceful while they are there.

If you are not into meditating and more into beautiful walks on the beach then you should definitely visit Moonlight Beach. You will see the most amazing sunsets in the world. I have been taken on several dates there. I thought walking down the beach hand and hand was the most romantic thing. I guess not romantic enough considering I am still single, but still, it was romantic at the time. If you want something a bit more dramatic and active then go to Swamis Beach. A lot of surfers go here, so I guess I should say be careful if you swim here, you might end up in the rocks if you get caught in the swell.

If you love local cuisine then you should visit Leucadia’s Farmers Market. I promise you will find the most amazing local produce and items. Everything is excellent. If you want to purchase my favorite thing, the mushrooms, I don’t care what type of mushrooms. I love them all. However, food isn’t the only thing sold a the market, there are also amazing clothing as well and items sold by unique artisans. Definitely a place you can’t miss if you are in the area.

If you don’t mind a short drive south then you should visit San Diego. I love San Diego, especially the zoo. The San Diego Zoo is so awesome. It’s really large and on a mountain so you get a great workout. I have been to a lot of zoos in my life and I can honestly tell you that I see more zookeepers available to answer any questions. You can really tell that they care so much about the animals, which makes me happy. I always tell them about my rabbits and they give me advice on how to keep them happy and what to feed them. I really love the zoo.

Of course if you are not so much into the furry animals San Diego also have SeaWorld. SeaWorld is pretty awesome. W here else on earth can you see killer whales up close. I am not sure why they call them Killer Whales because they actually seemed pretty friendly to me. Also, go on the Aladdin ride, you’re going to love it, but you will get super wet, so be ready. Shamu is awesome and I would totally adopt him anytime. Sometimes I wish there were most animals entertaining the audience rather than humans. I kind of felt like the animals would perform for five minutes while the humans would put on a twenty minute show. I pay to see the animals, not humans.
Maybe all this nature isn’t for you. I can’t imagine not loving nature, but if you don’t like it then we have Solterra Winery. I personally love wine and think Solterra is wonderful. I love the tapas they have as much as the wine. I wasn’t too much on the dessert, but I don’t like sweets, so maybe you will like it. If you want a great wine then get the cab franc wine. I think you will love it. I know I have three bottles here right now, that is how much I like it. I don’t get it to the bunnies though. I promise.

So that is my little world. I love my calm, peaceful life with my rabbits. Pretty soon from now I plan on taking a road trip down Route 66. Many people have told me that Route 66 has lost it’s magic, but I want to believe it’s still awesome. At least I will get to see states I have never been to and towns that I never heard of. So tell me what your favorite places are in your area. Maybe if I am on a road trip I will stop by and blog about them. Just please inform me whether or not they are pet friendly. I love exploring new places with my rabbits.


Hello everyone, welcome to my amazing blog! My name is Lucy Clark and I am 30 years old. I currently am living in Encinitas, California. If you are like most people and have never heard of Encinitas, well, it’s about twenty five miles north of San Diego. Every where in Encinitas is picturesque. We have about five areas of town. We have Cardiff-by-the-sea which is the southernmost part of our town and let me tell you, it’s beautiful. The streets are actually named after classical composers and British cities. My favorite part of town is Leucadia. Here, you can find all kinds of funky stores and art galleries. I love it here. I actually found a tailor there who would make cute little vests for my bunnies.

Oh my goodness, I did not mention the most important part of my life. My family of bunnies, otherwise knows as Rabbits. I have three adorable, little cuddly rabbits. I need to introduce you to them. So Molly is 2 and she is a Holland Lop. She has the most adorable floppy ears. She’s very sweet, but she also has a temper. If she thinks of my other rabbits is getting to much attention she will nudge them out of the way. She’s very jealous like that. My second rabbit is Lilly, she is 1 and she is a Mini Lop. Lilly is white with a cute little black nose and some black on her ears. She eat a lot. Sometimes I think that she is going to eat me out of the house. I keep asking her where she puts all that food. My third rabbit is Billy and he is one. He is also a Holland Lop. He is gray with some brown. He is very unusual in color. I’m pretty sure he has a crush on Molly, but we wills see as he matures.

Everyone says how silly I am for my rabbits, but I don’t much care. I love my rabbits so much. I take them to the bay, to the park, and just about anywhere that will allow me to take them inside. While I love my rabbits, I also love to sew. I like to make funky clothes with bright colors. I think always wearing black and gray to be slimming is boring. I think more color is fun, exciting, and way more sexy than the sleep black and white. I also sew pillows. I made a Facebook page and started selling them. I’ve down everything from Monet paintings on pillows to pixelated Marios. I just love making unique pillows and seeing people’s faces when I deliver them.

Last summer, I did get a little bored of making pillows and I took a wreath making class. So, I have been making a lot of wreaths recently as well. One of my favorite ones is in burlap with red, white , and blue twisted throughout it. Then I wrote the word America in burlap. It’s beautiful. I sold it for fifty dollars, but I was really attached to it, so I made another one just for me. Arts and crafts has always been my thing. In school I could never get into any subject, just art. I have an artist’s soul. I’m fun and quirky, but deep and dark too. Although, I haven’t really explored that deep and dark side, I just think it’s there. I stick with the fun and quirky because it makes me happy.

I do date sometimes, but settling down with one man hasn’t became a thing for me yet. Usually two or three dates and I’m ready to just go back to making cool thing and my rabbits. I think for me to actually settle down with a man, he would have to be a lot like me. He’d have to love my rabbits, not own a big dog that would eat my rabbits, and he would have to love art. He’d also have to have a good attitude and positive energy. That’s one thing that worries me about long term relationships. You see so often these bubbly, happy spirits turn into something ugly. I don’t want that to happen to me. I want to always be positive. I want to bring happiness to the world.

I take my rabbits to volunteer at several places during the week. There are two school we visit a group of Autistic children. The rabbits are very calming to them and the rabbits like to be coddled as well. Afterward, we visit a couple of nursing facilities. The residents love the rabbits. They gone on and on about how cute they are and tell me about there rabbits. There is a man from Belgium who is resident at one of the nursing homes. He always tells me he is going to get me a Flemish Giant. I always tell him that Lilly eats enough, I don’t know if I could handle a Flemish Giant Rabbit. That makes him laugh and I feel that I have accomplished something for the day.

I guess it seems like I always am running around being quirky and weird, but I’m not. I do have a job. I work at a cute book store in Encinitas. I love my job. My favorite part of my job is when little kids come in and need help picking out books. I always refer them to the Black Lagoon series by Mike Thaler. I think all of his books have great messages for kids with lots of humor. I will open the book and pretend to have the teacher’s voice, the kids always laugh, and blam, I’ve sold a book. My boss says that he wishes he’d opened a children’s book specialty store. I guess I’m better with the silly than I am the serious. I mean what do you say to sell Bill O’reilley’s “Killing Lincoln” book? “Hi sir, want to learn about the death of Lincoln by someone who wasn’t there and yells at people on television?” That doesn’t work, that’s why I stick to children’s books.

That’s me in a nutshell. I don’t think I’m too boring of a person, which is good for you, because that means my blog will be fun to read. I think you will love all my stories of my little rabbits, my arts and crafts, maybe my dating, but probably not. I thank you for reading, and please, please, please read my next post. I promise to make it fun and exciting.