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Baby rabbits in Encinitas!!

Lucy here! Guess what! Congratulations are in order. One of my rabbits had babies today, so now I have five more adorable little bunnies. There are so small and so adorable. I feel so lucky. It was weird because Molly was acting really strange. I kind of thought that she might be sick and I […]


Hi guys!! Lucy here. Today on my lunch break I was walking around town and admiring all of it’s beauty. I figured that a lot of people visit Los Angeles or San Franciso, we don’t really get too many tourists around here. So I figured that I would wrote a blog about all the neat […]


Hello everyone, welcome to my amazing blog! My name is Lucy Clark and I am 30 years old. I currently am living in Encinitas, California. If you are like most people and have never heard of Encinitas, well, it’s about twenty five miles north of San Diego. Every where in Encinitas is picturesque. We have […]